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    I received an email asking about the $75.00 striping machines.
    The idea was to purchase one of these, instead of a $3500.00 model, and get started striping.
    Then, after a while, purchase a real machine…to service those loyal customers.
    My response is…no, don’t do that.
    I know, there are probably a few that have managed to pull this off…but…odds are…you’re wasting time.

    Here’s the sad thing about those $75.00 “machines”. The job is so ugly…ok…let’s call it “different looking”…you won’t ever get a customer to call you again. Honestly…I’ve been striping for 16 seasons and no one has that little 4 wheeled thing…no one. Therefore it’ll be a detriment to what you’re actually trying to accomplish = build a customer base.

    Now let me offer a couple of beauties that striping actually offers.

    1) The work is often times after hours. Therefore you can do this while keeping your day…or night…job. In other words…until you build up a base big enough to earn you a living that can sustain you through the Winter…keep the day job. And…that may only take 2 Summers. That not only gives you time to get good…but confident enough to start missing work…at the day job.

    2) Let’s say you pay $3500.00. And let’s say you’re worried because that’s hard earned money.
    Do this…look around for a used machine…a real one. How much is it? $2000.00? More?
    Here’s my point…you’re risk is the difference = $1500.00. AND…let’s say you’ve completed (5) jobs that paid ONLY $200.00 each = $1000.00 earned. Now you’ve only “lost” $500.00. You’re downside risk is so limited…I’d wait. I wouldn’t buy the $75.00 “machine”. Not for parking lots.

    Look around for a used striping machine. Try “Craig’s List”…eBay…etc. I would rather have you wait until the right machine came along than to buy something that just won’t get it!

    Your friend.


    I think using a roller would look better than those spray can machines! Did it once, and threw it away. ;-P



    Hi my name is Kevin Taylor and i have been striping and doing everything in the industry for about 11 years and want to buy my own airless machine. I need to find a good used one and have checked Craigs list and other sites and found nothing. Graco is the number one maker for these machines. If you Know where else to look let me know I would be greatly appreciated. I Worked for a company for 11 years and it grew to big and got to political. So if you can help me find one that would be great . I hope to here from you.

    Kevin Taylor (253)282-4674
    Email (taylor.kevin88areuready@yahoo.com)


    Hey Kevin
    You’re right…they’re hard to find…used.
    I do think that this is a testimony to the industry = no one let’s them go.
    Have you tried paving companies in the area? I stripe for a paving company and they have a striper in their shop. If you’re fortunate to buy a good one…you may very well also get a client to follow = stripe his/her work!
    Have you tried a repair shop? Sometimes they’ll have a rebuilt one to sell. Rare…but worth a try.
    Have you tried a local Sherwin Williams…or Rodda Paint company? Sometimes they’ll order one in for a client and then the client backs out. They’ll sell this new model for a little less just to get it off their books.
    That said…let me encourage you to consider a new one. Check out the prices for a smaller unit. Don’t forget Titan. http://www.titantool.com I’ve had a Titan for 16 years…I love it…but it just broke…finally! The 2800 model is a great machine. Not too big. Not too small. (I had a 4000.) And…certainly Graco. I just bought one. I love it too.
    Kevin…someone like you? = experienced…you can do it. A new one may only be $1000.00 difference. Maybe Rodda paint can order it for you…or SW. That way…you can check paint prices…and have it shipped right to the store…maybe even make a payment or two.
    I hope this helped.
    Keep in touch.

    Schwarze Industries

    Try govdeals.com They come up there all the time


    Let me know what part of the country you are at and I can direct you to a local Graco distributor that sells used equipment.


    Hope it’s not too late to join the party on this. I’ve been looking for a machine as well for almost a month now. Finally found one. I’m going with a conventional though. You might try http://www.portlandcompressor.com. I’ve found they have quite a selection of airless sprayers and stripers and reasonably priced too. Not to mention FREE SHIPPING on certain ones as well. My local Sherwin Williams Industrial Store has a Speeflo 8900 for $3700.00 brand new. That’s a BIG RIG to say the least but at that price I might have to just get an airless instead. Hope this helped.

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