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    2 neal 550 spray units……. both are cleaned and leathers just replaced this week and are work ready. both heads are like new and ready to spray. 1 is a little bit cleaner than the other but other than that no problems. will probably start using them both next week….. well hopefully!!!!!! if the sun comes out. both tounges are extended out with a ramp for the blower or m10. also both have a mounted 50 gal melter on the xtended tounge. 1 of them has a engine cover. vanguard engines on both. 1 comes with a spraybar but i had our welder cut off the post where the chair goes and put hosereels on both. thats the only thing i can find wrong with the neals is i cannot stand wrapping the hose around the little knobs on the side of the tanks. both also have new brush boxes.

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