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Hello Friend
First…thanks for the post.
Next…reach out to those individuals who have a self standing building where the owner is inside.
How’s that?
I solicited a Pizza place. 20 lines.
I also solicited a Realty office. 7 lines.
How about places of worship?
How about “Mom and Pop” burger joints, donut shops…anything other than a franchise.
( Again…self standing building where the owner…or at least the decision maker is inside. )
One of my first jobs was a Realty Office. 7 lines. I walked inside and said; can I re stripe your lot? I have a real striping machine. Not an upside down spray can. I show up after hours and when you show up tomorrow, it’ll be done. 75.00.
First…they all looked at each other and chuckled. Then one guy said YES…! I said; Thanks. I’ll take care of it. ( Then I left. )
It was 27 years ago.
Friend…go find that building.
And…to be clear…this is what I call the; “Retail Market”…as opposed to the; “Commercial Market”.
Yes, the Commercial Market has every right to expect you to “follow” their crew.
Bottom line…stay “Retail”.
How’s that?
Friend, I hope I helped.
Let me know.