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P.S. I don’t own a 4″ tip.
I always use a 6″ tip. I’ve offered to them to include a 1708, a 1908…but also; a 1912.
If you have a 4″ line…at a 12″ height…you are way up there…!
With a 6″ tip…you can lower the gun…alleviate much of the wind and wiggle…and…
If you ever Re Stripe a 4.75″ line…!…you can always lift the gun to produce a safe 5″ line.
( With the 4″ limitations…you are out of luck. )
That said…this won’t help that “quitting pump trouble”…but, you mentioned pulsating, hour glassing.
A bigger orifice; .019 may help. ( Especially if you are using Sherwin Williams Hot Line. )
( I use a .021″. But, I ride and move a little more quickly. )
Last…and…do not be afraid, to add a splash of water either.
Again…keep in touch.
I’ll have a Glass Bead Dispenser for those machines, soon.