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I don’t like hot line because even if it’s a new shaken bucket I still have to strain it and here in Nebraska it doesn’t last unless it’s new concrete. If your working on a typical dirty lot with oil stains wouldn’t you want an oil base paint? I use Sherwin modified acrylic it’s promar TM5713 and it dries super fast in less than 5 minutes at 15 mils even when it’s 45 degrees and 95% humidity. I don’t have the luxury of always working on closed lots during the day with the sun shining. I’m not sure what Dan pays for paint but mine costs .065 cents a foot for a 4″ wide line and so much more goes into the bidding a job than just linear feet. I’m doing a mall that is over a 120,000 feet this week and with that many gallons I’m getting a discount on paint. That discount allowed me to win the bid. I would also suggest a 321 tip and 317 contractor tip for stencils. The 321 lets you walk faster and if you get a 2 gun setup your ready for stencils whenever. As you can see there is no consensus just what you find works best for you. I love Dan’s book it was a great reference guide when there really is nothing else.