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Hello Jack
First…thank you for the post.
Next…congrats on your work too.
Next…on the machine…you may not need the Auto Layout.
But…the 3900 is a great choice.
Next…I know how to bid.
That said…different parts of our country pay different paint prices and certainly labor.
First…find out your paint costs. I’d recommend Sherwin Williams.
At least you won’t have any worries about the quality.
Next…try either their Set Fast or Hot Line.
Next…buy a 319 tip also. You’ll probably get a 317 with your purchase
Make sure it’s a Yellow Tip for striping.
Last…I did give sample pricing in my book and I also wrote a post here on PaveManPro addressing pricing.
That said…I’m around .14 per foot. Stencils are more…maybe 15.00 and up…each.
Again though…you decide.
I hope that helps.
P.S. I’m sending via my phone. I’ll try to correct typos later!