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Here am I…! ( Here I am. )
I have to go now…!
…no…that’s not true.
It may take me a couple days to get back via phone…or I’m sitting right here and will answer…unless it’s a telemarketer.
( I’m just too worried to call too early or too late…)
BUT…I can’t find your emails.
Emails work for me. I’m either at my shop daily manufacturing or striping late. ( Or…on the back porch surfing. )
OK…now I just saw the post from KC.
I’m going to check my emails.
I apologize. I didn’t think I ever missed an email.
OK…serious stuff now…did you email via PaveManPro?…or directly to me?
Once in a while things glitch…all by themselves.
If you emailed via here…I may not be getting that notice.
( That makes no sense. I got this one. )
Crap. I’m going to look. And apologize.
I really didn’t think I missed an email. ( My loss. )
It’s what I do in every morning.
I’ll be back.