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Hello Pave 222
I have only seen it on videos.
But…a couple things…
1) I’m probably like you…kinda wondering…why would I want to stand?
I’m not asking to be mouthy. I would need to know the idea behind the design.
Maybe I’m not seeing what I need to see.
2) I would compare the costs vs. another Rider and /or even a self propelled machine…seated…!
I do like sitting down. It’s nice to just sit down and ride…especially during hour 7 of the second job…or…if you’re a bigger person and just cannot walk or stand for 8 hours. OR…if it’s the third day of a 12 hour job.
And…I’ve waited under a shade tree for the Milling crew to finish a Driving Lane…while sitting down.
That said…again…I’m willing to listen to the idea behind the standing up feature.
Does that help at all?
Let me know what you find…decide…etc.
Meanwhile…I’ll look for costs and compare those to a Self Propelled…vs. another machine and Rider.