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Hey Steve…thanks for all that.
And…this is a blast for me. I love answering posts. Sometimes though, I think I talk too much. ( Never know. )
First…Door to Door…on jobs you want. And / or…on a job you think you can handle.
I know that sounds slow in today’s world…but…you said…”This is probably not the norm”…Steve…yes it is.
That’s how it happens. Someone almost always sees me striping a Store on a Sunday…or a Bank…and stops and asks for a card…or…if this is my company? I always reply…”Yes, it’s my empire. I own it all”. That makes ’em smile…I’ve got the job. SO…yes…get the job and you’ll get more.
Next…BY CANADIAN STANDARDS…!!! 21,000 people…! I’m there…! Take your equipment. Take your stencils. Take business cards. DO NOT fall for the act that you need a super special, super expensive backdrop with NEON for your booth. Just go. Be yourself. You’ll do well. Let’s keep in touch on that too.
Next…if you go for a pavement company …just note…there are “ups and downs”.
1) You must trust them as a buddy. If they do not get paid…THEY STILL OWE YOU. None of this…”Hey Steve, we’ll pay you the minute we get paid”. NO YOU WON’T. You’ll pay me at 29 days whether you get paid or not.
2) They will now own your schedule…which is very fair. If they give you all their work…they’re out there telling their clients…we’ll pave AND stripe Thursday and Thursday PM. Your job Steve, is to say…I’ll be there.
Next…if you ONLY have “Retail” clients…such as the Property Managers you spoke of…then you can say…”Thank you for the job. I’ll check the weather. I’ll start in a couple days. You’ll see the work progress as you come to work in the AM. I should have it all complete in the next few evenings.” That way, Steve…at least you can schedule dinner with the wife or kids…or watch a great game on TV. AND…if the work is interrupted with rain…it’s ok. Go the next evening.
Last…most of us have a nice mix of both. Maybe, find the correct Paving Company or Seal Coat Company to “follow”. And…also solicit those Managers you mentioned. Here’s how it’ll work;
If you tell the Strip Mall Manager…”Let me have a few days…I’ll get it all done. You’ll see.” AND THEN…your Seal Coat Company calls and says…”Hey we just got two Banks to Seal on the weekend.” Well, you’re probably not going to stripe a Strip Mall on a weekend. But…if they want to Seal half Monday and then you stripe that PM…then you can either go to the Strip Mall right after or just move it to another night. Does that make sense?
…at least with the Property Managers you can move them around a little.
Last…the rest…or the mix…or the work load is entirely up to you. There are guys like me that limit my work. There are guys like a friend of mine who takes it all and hires others to stripe that job.
Bottom line…Recap…
1) Yes, door to door. And, others will see you working. You’ll grow.
2) Those Canadian “Standards” are the same here. We have plenty of Strip Malls that have (3) stores…(4) stores. I’d take them! Those are great jobs. In and out…several hundred dollars…go home.
3) “Commercial” vs. “Retail” accounts…? You decide. If you’re already working a job with benefits…maybe only choose jobs you…YOU…can schedule. If you’re looking for Full Time employment as a striper…keep your eyes open for a Paver or Seal Coater.
I hope that helps. I hope it offers some type of idea into the “Ups and Downs”…or “Benefits” of both types of clients.