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Hi Dan,
Thanks for the informative reply.
What you are saying makes sense. I can see a property manager trying to save time on their end by giving out the job breakdown over the phone for two more quotes.
We don’t have a Pavement Expo up here, but we do have a Property Manager Expo in November that I was not aware of till recently. Its big (24 000 people lol.) by Canadian standards. There were some big(Canadian Standards) grounds keeping companies there, but I only noticed one pavement/striping company with a booth there. This is something I plan on trying this November to make contacts and drum up business.

Until then Dan, what do you recommend is the most efficient way for me to get the opportunity to quote jobs for this coming year?

Should I focus on paving companies, property management companies, franchise’s, big box stores?

I have been snowplowing for a mid-sized property management company for the last 5 years. Last year I was asked to do a good sized strip mall (by Canadian standards). The job went well. While doing it, a local restaurant owner asked me to quote his property. I got that job too. I know that this is probably not the norm.
I look forward to hearing back from you.
Thanks again Dan.