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Thanks Dan~

These are the paints that we use throughout the year:

SW – 0.0TM5713 Promar 8000-55923 (yellow) SW – 0.0TM5712 Promar 8000-55931 (white)
SW – 0.ITM2327 HotLine 8000-54017 (yellow) SW – 0.ITM2326 HotLine 8000-53993 (white)

Looks like we may be extending ourselves to getting another machine for next year with a drive behind. This is the first year I’ve taken complete control of this side of the company and subsequently the first year we’ve worked with the airless. Prior to this, and to my control, it’s been the old standard compressed air variety machines. I’m going to have to try a larger appatured tip to get some of the mils that I’m looking for, especially for new construction Wal Marts and the like that have industrial inspectors following us around and measuring wet mils every time we fill up.

Sidenote: Are you going to be lecturing at the convention this year? We were down in Memphis this last go around and I had sat in on your ‘efficiency’ talk.