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Hello Randy…how are you?
Hope all is well.
I would have to try that…and it would be worth trying. It’s too simple to take the gun out of the cradle…spin the Horizontal Bar…and re-insert the gun…angle it to the side and go. It sounds like that would alleviate “hand spray touch ups”.
I’ve always just released the front tire and sprayed.
That said…I’ve also helped another striper. He would take the gun into his hand and drive slowly…while spraying the asphalt curb that surrounded the flower beds. He’d spray Right Handed. He’d hold the Left Handle Bar while releasing the front tire…and drive…and spray. It looked great. I do remember him going slowly around the curved ends and even driving backwards a couple times. I also think his backed ached a little after the three long, hot dog shaped islands were through…but they looked great and it was relatively quick.
SO…turn the gun…spray the curb…or ride…and spray the curves by hand…releasing the front tire too.
Randy, it was good to hear from you. Let me know how these work out.
Look me up if you visit Memphis.