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aaaagggghhhh…I missed this.
I’m sorry.
Legally…?…probably the Vendor’s License.
I’d call the State Offices or my CPA. ( It’s been 18 years for me. )
That said…it’s not daunting. It’s not even expensive. I believe to file for a Trade Name is $25.00 and that’s probably not even required. Next…the Vendor’s License may be 50.00…? Things like that.
Check what I’ve written…it may be different in your state. In Ohio…it was simple.
I hope that kinda helps. AND…I do apologize for not getting this earlier.
Last…there may be a class in the Memphis Expo that addresses something like that. I haven’t looked though. But…if you can make it to that Expo in February…all the manufacturers will be thee and classes on how to do the work. There’s always a class or two also on the “Business” side of it.
Let me know.