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Well, cranking the pump up didn’t cure the hour glass look. I’ll try adding a little water to the latex paint. I am using Diamond Vogel latex. It has 56% solids. I really like the look of the stuff. I believe that DV only offered 46% last year but had to up it to keep up with the Jones’.

The guys at Diamond Vogel seem to want my business more than Sherwin Williams. I’m sure that the local rep is pretty close to my competion. The downside is that DV closes at 1 on Saturdays, while Sherwin Williams is open 7 days. DV keeps a 5 gallon pail in stock for me, and doesn’t charge me until I pick it up, and I’m paying $14.78 per gallon, where Sherwin Williams was in the $18 range.

My first 3 lots were all pretty rough and in need of sealcoating. Next week I’ll be doing an apartment complex with a pretty smooth surface. If the guys like my work, it will bring a few more jobs, as they own quite a few places. I’m hoping the splash of water helps.

I talked to Mike, at Titan. He agrees with you that thinning should take care of the issue. I mentioned changing to a 3/8 inch hose, and he said no, period.