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Dan Zurcher

Have you tried to send in the info to the actual Graco web site?

No I have not sent it in to them. I called them and they basically said the same thing you guys are saying. I just bought the 3400 back in May. I just wanted an easy way to sealcoat my driveway and thought this would be possible. I use my 3400 to paint parking lots and since I am a football coach at a local high school I will be doing the game field for Friday Night Football.

Eric Humphries

Unfortunately I am not 25 years old and already have a back problem from time to time. One of the main reasons I am trying to find an easier way to sealcoat my driveway instead of using squeegee.

I just wanted people’s opinion before I attempted this idea. Glad I asked before doing.

Thanks to everyone and their input on this matter.