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My experience and opinion… If you decide to roll and you are using a fast dry waterborne you may need to cut it back slightly to slow the dry time. I suggest no more than a coke can of water per 5 gallon. It should keep it from drying on the roller. However I suggest that if your customer allows… to paint a nice black box over the old symbols or letters and then paint using your stencil. It will make the new marking stand out and looks good. Assuming you are on Asphalt.

My experience is that once you unlock that wheel you can tend to get a bit squirrely. Of course I am no striping artist either. And airless machines really pronounce the shaky striping. Depending on the degree of the arch I would either… 1. Keep the wheel locked and work it around the arch with your weight distribution. 2. Set the lock on the pivot wheel to in an angle appropriate for the arch.

Lastly about the chalk line. I would think it is what ever you are more comfortable with and can see best. But I will leave that to Dan’s experience.

Did you get your 2800 to stop hour-glassing?