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Hey Dan, Well I survived my first lot. I think it went pretty smooth except for the wobbling of the rear tires. It seems the faster I went the better the lines looked. We be taking machine down to SW tomorrow to have them take a look. I can not figure it out. I replace the whole rear its only made up with a threaded rod some bearing and tires, and replace all of them.HMMMMMMM just dont know. I ended up doing 107 spaces and it took me about 3 1/2 hrs. with about and hour of down time. The one store did not close at there normal time, so I had to clean machine and wait patiently for them to leave..It was cheaper to wait than to come back another day. By the time I was a 1/4 of the way done I found that happy spot with hitting my lines, but still need some practice. The long 200′ lines were the killer…had a hard time keeping them straight and also was trying to cover old lines. They had 2 sets of lines, one in yelow and one in white.
But all in all went pretty good. I tried to attach some pics but it would not allow me..file was over 75kb.