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Just a follow up.

So the job went well, and taping is a very good method of getting the odd spots although dont leave it for very long because the oil base paint seeps through and separates the adhesive from the tape leaving residue, its also time consuming so you really need to choose your battles with that method
for any areas that that i needed the same shape more than twice i used a cardboard stencil, its firm enough that i does not get saturated with paint very quickly and did not flap around but after using the cardboard 17 times in 40 mins the build up of paint started to cause problems with the overall shape of the stencil

Any ideas how to stripe vertically? like the walls behind parking stall in a parkade..( i have to do 400 in a job coming up)? im thinking of making 6 separate plywood stencils coat them with spray booth paint sealer stuff and have a helper leapfrog the stencils as i stripe em..