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Hey Diamond
…couple things…
1) As far as the wobble goes…I’d really have to see it. Maybe if it continues…swing by a SW paint store that also has a Sher Works in it. OR…find an independent service repair shop. These shops will also service simple airless sprayers.
2) The guard that is in front of the actual piston rod…to protect looks like a guard a football player would were. It’s not really shaped like a foot though.
You can see through the rings that are in it. The piston is moving just behind it.
To get to the rubber cap like feature that helps to keep the piston lube from splashing around and out…you need to remove this small guard.
3) The line edges…yes…switch to traffic paint. Try either of SW Set Fast paints. AND make absolute sure you have a Yellow Graco tip. If not…the edges will have less paint applied to them.
4) The starting point is a thing to get used to. So…if you’re needing to move 1/2″ to the right…then do so…stand up straight…or just like you always do…and get a good look at the chalk line in relation to the tip guard. Try to remember that look. Then spray. If you hit the line…great job. If you miss by 1/4″…two things…DO NOT CORRECT…just keep going straight. ( In other words…don’t spray for 12″…then move the machine 1/4″ to the right or left to get exactly onto the chalk line. I’d rather you go straight than have a line that looks like a Hockey Stick.
BUT…that said…on the next line…line up a little more away from the place you just did. Then…maybe you’ll be 1/8th inch off. Then…you’ll get it and once you do…you’ll remember that look…of the relationship between the Tip Guard and the Chalk Line…as viewed from the “pilot’s seat”…!
Last…let me see if I can put a You Tube Video up and show you what I mean…on my Graco.
I’ll keep in touch.
P.S. No…I’m not at all familiar with the 1800…but it cannot be too much different than the other Titans.