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Dan, I’ll try thinning the paint after I boost the pressure up. I think I’ve been a little too careful in that arena. The manual says to increase only enough to spray, so maybe I’ve been running at 70% max.

I’m using the 1708 tip, so that shouldn’t be the issue. I took a job working 4 10 hour days to help bankroll this new business. I got my first job two weeks ago and have only gotten half done due to rain nearly every day I have off. I’ll send some pictures to your other site, when finished. I have 56 spaces to do yet, plus 132 feet of curb. I need to get the hour glassing figured out as I want to try “long lining” the next two areas.

I won’t be able to paint again today, as they have a flash flood warning out, but I may try to make room in my old garage and see if the pump kicks in and pulsates when spraying water. I never noticed before.