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I have read that some Graco machines, they suggest running the engine at near..die.. rates. I am using waterborne paints. I did the Sherwin Williams, as mentioned, Dan, on your americanstriping thread. I have a little problem, locally, as the local manager really likes my competition. Diamond Vogel did upgrade to 56% solids, to compete. I negociated a deal with the local Ramkota Motel. They hadn’t had the lot striped in 12 years, so you can imagine, it is nearly a new stripe, but I bid it as a restripe. They agreed to turn their heads at any mistakes.

Anyway, it doesn’t seem to make any difference whether I use SW or Diamond Vogel latex. I have tried a max of about 70% on the pressure. I still get the kick in with the pump. I agree that the latex is heavy, but it does seem to spread nicely. I also noticed that I have a less thick area on both sides of the stripe, about 1/4 inch from both ends.

Open to all suggestions.