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Hey Rob
You know what…I couldn’t picture the LD machine. Now I know. I love my Conventional. I put a ball hitch on it. I wish I would’ve placed it more strategically though. I need it to be back closer to me…about 7″. I need an extension to reach it. No biggee…but I can change colors in my airless more quickly than changing the extension…just to reach the ball…! aarrrggg…oh well.
It may not be the SW. Their Hotline is known to clog airless machines. I’ve had much trouble on 3 jobs. 2 were airports.
…all my fault though. I did take a bigger tip to accommodate the solids in the paint. That said…the conventional has such a huge fluid nozzle…a small dog could pass through. SO…I don’t think it was the paint.
All their other paints…46% solids up to 56%…are great. Too pricy sometimes…anyhow…
That said…my conventional’s paint flow will slow considerably when something is trying to come through. The nice thing is that it will come through. Maybe I’ll have to crank the trigger on and off a few times quickly. Sometimes its just a flake or a skin…so…maybe changing out a line may help. It cannot hurt.
Next…I’ve been straining my paint for a few years now. It just seem that there are more things in there these days.
Last…no…I don’t “thin”. I have added a splash of water to the empty bucket…then swish it around to get the last of the residue paint…and then toss it all into the pot or bucket. I don’t call that “thinning”. After I talked to the “City” guy who added 50% to his paint…!…nope…I don’t thin it.
Keep in touch…send a picture to my email if you want. I’ll try to post it.