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…anytime…you’re welcome.
Next…try a 1708 tip. It sprays a 4″ line through a .017″ orifice.
It’ll allow you to walk a little slower than you normally walk. Take you time…get good coverage.
Next…I use .019″ tips. I can walk a little faster. The paint is coming out an orifice .002″ larger. I know that sounds like a tiny, little difference…but it makes a difference.
Next…these tips are designed to give that width at a PRESUPPOSED 12″ height. ( I don’t spray from 12″ up. ) So…a long time ago, I started using tips that produce a 6″ wide fan at a PRESUPPOSED 12″ height. I just lower the gun closer to the ground. It’s that simple. NOW…the wind isn’t a factor and…if the old lines are 4 1/2″ or 5″ wide…I can easily slide my gun up 1/4″ and still get wide enough to cover the old, existing wider lines.
Next…that said…I just sold an 800…a small machine, to a guy. He’s getting a nice 4″ line at around 8″ off the ground.
SO…here’s my best advice…get the standard 1708. AND…buy a 1712 too. Start with the 1708. If all is well…carry on. Don’t look back. IF…IF…you wish to see what the 1712 will do…try it.
The last (2) numbers indicate the width…but you need to divide by (2). SO…a 1708 = a .017″ orifice spraying a 4″ line.
A 1712 = a .017″ orifice spraying a 6″ line. Make sense?
Next…when you get more confident…you may very well switch to spraying with a .019″ orifice. Again…you can walk a little faster and still give good coverage.
Think of a garden hose. Turn the water all the way on. Then…water the lawn using a garden hose that’s 1/2″ in diameter. You’ll move kinda slowly, taking your time. THEN…switch to a 1″ garden hose and water the lawn a little more quickly. Get it?
Last…which ever tip you use…1708, 1712, 1908, 1912…give good coverage. If the lot is rough…you’ll use a little more paint. If it’s newer, smooth…you’ll use a normal amount. Again…think of painting the interior wall of you home vs. painting the stucco of an exterior wall. No big deal. Simple stuff. Think it through.
Bottom line…start with the 1708…take your time.
Next…buy a good Set Fast from Sherwin Williams. BUT…DO NOT buy the “Hotline”. It will clog tips. It’s good for airports or “Conventional” Machines. Ask for PN = Part Number 8000-52904 for the Yellow. Ask for PN 8000-01786 for the White.
Those paints are also high in “Solid Particles”…56%…but not so high as to clog the tips.
OR…try 8000-03246 for the Yellow and 8000-03238 for the White. These have 50% solids and should be a little less cost. BUT…they’re fine paints, too.
Again…but NOT the “Hotline”.
NEXT…I don’t sweep. I never sweep. That said…I carry a “Street Broom”. It has “killer” bristles. I also carry a wire brush that looks like a 12″ “toothbrush”. Arcee, I’m only going to brush off…or sweep off…whatever is ON THE LINE. IF…IF a customer wants me to sweep a parking lot…that’s different bid.
Keep in touch.