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Thanks a lot Dan. I ended up calling Tom at Titan. The manual that came with this unit says to add oil, but never shows where. Now I’ll see if the thing works. The manual isn’t real clear on the tip to use. It has a yellow plastic thing on the gun. I’ll google to see what I can find. The manual could be a little more precise on a few things. I have a meeting this afternoon with a medium sized restaurant chain. They are trying to cut costs, so are offering to have one of their maintenance guys help. your book shows how to do it alone, but I guess that I’ll just say that they can save a little time and money, if they will blow/broom the old lines. I can’t see the lines, but see the outline of them.(darker)

I don’t want to get into purchasing a broom yet. Do you work with someone that owns a sweeper, or do you find it easy to sidestep. There is a Taco John’s here that said the company he has used automatically sweeps the lot first. If he is honest, it is pretty cheap.

Thanks again.