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How are you?
…STOP…! That’s not what you think…!
Show me what it is. Take a pic…email it to me.
Next…jump ahead of me and try this number…800.526.5362.
That’s the “Technical Service” number to Titan.
…aaaggghhh…but there’s no time…it’s 4:40 PM EDT. I’ll call.
Oil only goes into (2) places.
1) The actual ENGINE
2) Right where you see the piston rod of the PUMP. It’s behind a little “Faceplate”. ( It kinda looks and acts like a face guard to a football helmet. It’s about 2-3 inches wide and maybe one inch tall. )
Remove two little screws. ( You’ll find that the holes on the Faceplate are slotted. )
There may be a black rubber cover that the rod goes up and down through. Lift it up if so. And again…just put the piston lube oil in that little “cupped” area. Then slide the black rubber cover back down the piston rod and replace the Faceplate.
That’s it. Just those two places.
How’s that?
Let me know.