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I have sold and used Graco, MB, Hugg, Kelly Creswell, JCL, and Titans. The four in the middle are mostly known for their conventional airspray units. Of those I like the durability and functionality of the JCL unit. The two outer ones Graco and Titan are airless and likely what you are working toward. In my experience the Graco has a lot more gadgets, but the Titan is more durable for the job. One caveat is that I am speaking of the Titan SpeeFlo machines that have the hydraulic piston pumps. These are the models 4900 and up. I am so sold on them I went exclusively with them a few years back for all 7 of our locations. The machines you mention I believe are all light duty. I would caution you on this, as what buy for today, you may regret tomorrow. I would recommend that you buy either the Graco or Titan SpeeFlo that can can help you grow. As for Airlesco, I have only a little experience with this brand and none very good. However things do change… If you would like to discuss further you are welcome to call me at 904-448-4074×10.