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Hello Victor
Just for the record…we talked via phone a couple days ago.
I’m not sure about the Airlessco. I’ve heard…not the best stories. AND…I predict…well…never mind.
Next…the 2800M is obsolete. That said…I believe there may be one out there somewhere. But…it may be like trying to find the Corvette in Grandma’s garage. The 2850 has replaced it. The Graco 3400 is also a proven machine. Either one is a great place to start.
Next…if you find a used machine…I would want to see it in action. If you came to my shop to buy a used machine off me…I would have it ready with water. Fire it up. Spray some lines. Work through all the bells and whistles…etc. So…treat the experience like buying a used car. I wouldn’t buy it unless I could at least drive it around the block.
And, by the way…I don’t have a used one to sell. Sorry. Keep looking though.
It was good talking to you.
Keep in touch.