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Here is another GREAT reason to get into INFRAREDS!!!! With an Infrared Heater and a Asphalt Hotbox you would be able to heat that area in oil saturated asphalt remove it. Then take hotmix out of your Hotbox add it to the repair leavel loot and compact. In Michigan we get about $175 for this GREAT repair multiply that by 10-15 oil spots per bank (or what ever oil spot you have) that’s good money. Each spot takes about 15-20 minutes to do. No need to saw cut the asphalt and remove it just heat it and rake it and add some new asphalt out of your Hotbox/Reclaimer. Please vist KM Internationals New Web-Site at http://www.kminb.com you can watch a You Tube Demo Infrared video as well.

I’ve been talking with lots of people out there that say the season is off to a slow start with all the RAIN! I remind folks all day long that when the rain stops and in some cases it doesn’t even need to stop you can be out working if you have an Infrared Heater and a Hotbox. For you Sealcoaters out there this is a GREAT time to get your yard signs out! Do some Infrared work a month or two before the Sealcoat season and make your yard signs work for you. You’ll soon see that when the first week of nice weather hits your phones will be ringing off the hook, because folks are used to seeing your signs out.
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