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The seals in the pump are plastic and leather combo i am not sure diesel is the best choice it tends to make plastic soft. The spray lines are rubber and don’t like diesel either. We have 5 Graco line laser 3900’s we use Xylene available at Sherwin Williams paint stores. If petroleum products were used in the sprayer run mineral spirits through it to clean. Latex paints do not mix well with petroleum products.

There is no way to show you the inside of the pump. If he pulls it apart it will need new seal kit. However you can put water in the bucket to see if the pump shuts off after building pressure. If it keeps cycling then you will need a seal kit about $50.0 .

You can go online http://www.graco.com they have all the manuals online you can read and download for free.

Our local Sherwin Williams store sells Graco parts. We use 1-2 skids of paint every week so they are more than helpful.