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That sounds great. The LDP is perfect. Good deal.
Next…I only have used Anti Freeze. I don’t have any use for Kerosene. So…I buy Anti Freeze. If I have any extra…at least I can use it in my car or truck.
And…I’ve used straight Anti Freeze…and also 50 / 50 mix of AF and water.
If it doesn’t allow the car to freeze up…my machines are fine. Plus…it lubes too…doesn’t it?
It’s that simple.
Next…I think you’re right about the “Peddlers” license. 200.00 makes it too high…and probably gets many to NOT go house to house.
I would try the State of SD. I have a Vendor’s license. It’s 25.00 per year. I also have a Trade Name Registration. I think it’s 60.00?…per year?
I cannot believe that any company would pay 200.00 per month just to do business in your city.
I’m thinking you’re right…the ATTY misunderstood.
Call Pierre State Offices…or something like that.
Keep me posted.