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What kind of antifreeze? I’m guessing that it doesn’t make much difference whether you use antifreeze, diesel fuel or keronsene. One guy uses diesel fuel because it has lubrication in it. I’m still wondering what a person uses to clean the system out before filling with paint.

I’ll check your stencils out this weekend. This 2800M came with over 25 different stencils, most made out of the LDP poly, but some are cardboard.

I don’t know if you have run into this or not, but it is the strangest thing. The city of Aberdeen, SD says I have to pickup a Transient or Peddler’s license. I read the statute, and I think the city attorney was just trying to get me off the phone in a hurry. The license costs $200/month, plus I would need to purchase a $1000 surety bond. I’m not quitting that easily. The town only has one striper doing the whole town, and there is money to be made. The transient license is for those that go door to door or street to street. To me, it appears to be put together for residences. Interesting.