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Hello pcrd940
I just emailed M-B Products…maybe you’ve tried them…asking if they carry parts.
I’ll let you know when I hear back.
Next…I’d be surprised if anything “different” had to be done prior to spraying Latex = Water Based Paint.
I’ve had a Conventional for 17 years, a buddy has 6! Other than change the gun…nope…all is the same.
That said…I’m assuming you read something like…”don’t let it rust”?…or lubricate it, somehow?
When I have long Latex jobs…I put a little Anti Freeze in the “Cleaner Can”…but that’s it.
Last…I cannot seem to find a picture of these either.
M-B used to be Linear Dynamics…and…there was a Paint Company called that too. It’s now owned by La Farge…I believe.
Anyhow, I’m looking around.
I talked to a guy yesterday. He said he’s getting $8.00 per stripe!
In my town…everyone is a striper! So, we get half that.
In Canada, you might be the only striper within 400 miles and the nearest paint store is the ONLY paint store…and it’s 45 minutes away!
Here’s my point…in my book, I give my prices. And, I also give my paint costs. Then, I wrote an article, here…on this site explaining “how” to bid. It just has to do with your…again…your…Overhead and Competition.
Take a look at that article. I’m sure it’ll make you feel more comfortable.
Next…here’s a small popular test…
Bid it like you see it. Keep in mind how much it actually costs you. Ask yourself “how long will I be here?” Ask yourself “How much profit is fair to me?”
Then…if you’re getting all the jobs you bid…cool! But, you may be either EXTREMELY good at striping…or the lowest guy in town.
That’s it. That’s all there is to it. Well…, and my article.
Keep in touch. I’ll do the same.
When I hear back from M-B, I’ll re-post separately, so you get notified.
I hope this helps.