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Hello ByHisStripes
How are you?
…you’re not alone.
I’ve also manufactured a “reverse” type stencil…for someone else.
He lays it right where the line gets striped. Then…when he stripes over it…his company and number doesn’t get paint.
And…he’s a Sealcoater too. So…it’s a Yellow Line (or White) with a nice black sealcoated surface underneath that displays his info…in 3″ lettering.
Also…a buddy in TN has a piece of plastic that has his info on it too.
He just chooses a place to spray it.
One place could be just anywhere. The piece of plastic is “stand alone”…about 6″ x 8” wide.
OR…after the Blue Block is painted…he can also lay that 6″ x 8″ stencil near the corner and spray it then…within the Blue area.
Again…apparently great minds think alike.
Let me know if I can help. It’s just a matter of dropping the info into my Laptop…and cutting the stencil.