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Brilliant Dan. Your info will be very helpful.
Fortunately and unfortunately, this isn’t a large project (only 30,000 sf parking deck). So I think we gonna look closely at your methodology recommendations for rolling as quickly as can upon placement and only concentrating on smaller areas for that size roller.
Being a roof top parking deck limits us on the weight of the roller that can be used, but it seems like the 3-ton roller should still be able to do the job if we can maintain the temp. And having that roller with the spreader at the same time limits us bringing another 3-ton roller up there.

I feel for you guys up in the snow there especially after seeing that Minnasota stadium roof fail with the snow pouring in. But we do get our share of snow here believe it or not abiet it’s at the top of the volcano.

VIDEO: Snow covers Mauna Kea on Hawaii Island