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Thx guys for the input. What I’m also finding from other sources is that the roller size/wight should be fine to do the job.

But interestingly enough, the installer feels that because the paving is being installed on a hot-rubber waterproofing membrane over a suspended (bldg. roof deck) concrete slab, these two factors limit his ability to achieve proper compaction (claiming that because there is some “give” in the membrane and “bounce” in the slab, this prevents higher compaction).
They would seem to be insignificant effects to me, but would like to hear if others have any thoughts or experience for such an installation?

With regard to Admin’s comment for getting the pavement temp at optimal conditions, as this is winter and even though we are in Hawaii (currently 75 – 80 deg.) days, is this new technology for “warm-mix asphalt” something to consider?