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Hey Dan
Live in Texas, DFW METROPLEX, nice big area. I am using latex from ENNIS PAINT, fast dry traffic. Runs me $10 gallon. Take me 1.5 hr to pick up at ENNIS, saves me freight. Winter here is pretty crazy….70 one day and 40 the next. I guess you can say that it’s a 4 season deal here or so I think… I’m trying to pick up what i can on weekends since weather is the key right now. I know you said you haven’t used a graco 3400, but is it the equivalant of the titan 2800m? I probably buy the 200HS when I shift gears and go full time. I’m a TOYOTA AUTO TECHNICIAN , been doing it for 26 yrs. Very good at it and make very good $$$$$$. But my body is getting tired and would like see my kids to take over striping business and work for themselfs when the time comes…sorry went a little off topic there. Do you offer video of you switching paint and flushin graco 3900? Also, is it true you can add alcohol to paint so it can dry quicker in this cooler weather?