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I’ve also know that using Acetone will “eat” = dissolve the older paint inside the lines and then those pieces will give you fits = clogs.
I didn’t thin the CR…but again…I used a Conventional.
I don’t think thinning will alleviate the particles that clog the tip either. But…?
Here are some more ideas.
1) Change the paint…maybe it’s a bad bucket.
2) Change the lines…to brand new ones. I’m not saying that you used Acetone…but…I’m not too familiar with CR.
3) I installed an “In Line” filter, years ago. I almost never…never have a clog. Try that too.
That said…this doesn’t sound normal. I’ll bet the In Line filter won’t hurt…but I’m also thinking the solution is on of the other answers.
I hope this helped.