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Sorry i haven’t replied back sooner i have been swamped with work but i have been striping for 5 years the first 3 years we used chlorinated rubber on new and not sealed lots but latex on new sealed lots. The reason we don’t use chlorinated rubber on new seal is because of color changing, your yellow will turn brown and your white will turn green. Latex don’t last long enough because we have bad winters and the snow plows scrape them right off. Two years ago Sherwin Williams sold me on acetone because it could go on new seal and last a long time (well a full season), we just got tired of changing from water to toluene so we found an all in one paint. I love acetone with how fast it drys, it don’t track and great in cold weather. With how fast acetone evaporates it makes it easy to dispose of. With latex I could only do 2 or 3 handicaps or arrows before it started to build up and drip. With acetone I can do about 12 to 13 handicaps in a row and about 16 arrows before it builds up to bad. It separates but not that bad all you need is a good cordless drill and paint stirrer. The job that bubbled has been alright so far I’m just waiting to see what the snow plows do to it.