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Thanks for the input, But I do think that people will pay more for a new natural gas (which Honda already makes) or for an electric car, which there are several manufacturers for now and in the very near future. I’m starting to deliver campers from the Elkhart, Indiana area and just south of there in Wakarusa there is a new startup company that is partnering with Gulf Stream to build small Medium Duty Electric Only trucks. I hope to eventually transport these and maybe even sell them at my parking lot.
In reference to whether it is convenient for a new car buyer to use my service, I think it goes without saying that they would have very little time invested in refueling their car because it would be taken care of while they’re working. This plan of mine is more about “Presence in the marketplace” and I think this avenue is going to have the most impact for the least overhead. I’ll let you know more as my plan unfolds.