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I think it’s a great idea… It sounds like you’re setting up for the future “Electric station” (as opposed to gas station). However I think you have many barriers of entry. Location being the big one. Convenience another factor… Are the people around that area willing to purchase a new car? Even if a survey “hints” a strong demand, that does not mean in your locale that they actually purchase one. The next question is, Is it really convenient for them to use your service?

Costs? I can’t imagine this technology being cheap and the cost of the vehicles…? Would someone be willing to pay that kind of money to drive only to and from work… (where else will they be able to refuel).. so that car they pay $20k+?

Competition in technology… can’t say i know too much about it, but from what it sounds like… you’d be competing against Honda’s hydrogen fuel cell tech, which from what I remember they already have stations up and people test driving in Cali.