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…man alive…
I’m impressed. I have to say that your customer is truly impressed and grateful.
I think your crew went the distance. Hats off to you. This customer will boast on you. You can always use him/her as a great reference.
Now…even if I saw the pics…I’m not too sure I could help beyond what I’ve offered.
I’d like to see the pics though. PM me…from PaveManPro.
Let me ask a couple things.
1) Did we ever deduce what type of paint it was? That may not matter if you’re using Latex and/or the “Did Not Adhere” problem is strictly between the Seal and old line.)
2) Was there any type of reaction between the paint and seal…? = dissolving, discoloration…? It sounds like you’re saying “no”.
3) Now…beyond that…I may be out. I’ve never heard of anything like this. I doubt I’d be too afraid of it happening again. (I know it happened 3 times in a month though.)
4) As much as I hate to now say this…I wouldn’t rule out some SealMaster flub. Let’s face it…the trouble is between the Seal and old line. So…how many jobs have you sealed using this “batch” of sealer? That said…SealMaster has been around and is well respected. They should have more insight and resources to pull from in helping figure this out. AND…if it’s a Seal problem…things happen. No one is perfect. Stick with them.
4) To their defense…they may refer to the old lines = let’s take a closer look at them. (Is that too late? Is there any debris left over?) I wonder if the last striper coated the line? That may sound like a weird question…but…this whole thing is weird. That said…Why are the lines only 10″ long?
5) I think I’m still comfortable saying it not the “oil based” paint. There are two types of Seal = Coal Tar and Asphalt. This cannot…is not…the first time either typel has been sprayed, brushed onto old oil based lines.
6) Last…I would walk away from the customer. Here’s what I mean…tell them the job is over. You’re sorry for the inconvenience. You’re not sorry for fixing it. You’ll figure it out before the next time. AND…thank them for the work. You’ll send an Invoice. And…any kind words they can spread around about your company would be greatly appreciated. And…if they ever have any problems…you’ll help…and you can be trusted. (Phil…don’t involve them any more. Let them go back to their life. They’ll appreciate that.)
Bottom line…if you want…
PM me the pics.
I’m not sure I can advise beyond what I have.
SealMaster might be able to help now.
Why 10″ long?
Did you spray the entire job…even though the trouble was just the lines?
Tell the customer. “See ya next time!…no extra charge…!”
Man alive Phil…I hope that helped…some…