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We are a full service company that does concrete, asphalt paving, patching sealcoating and striping. I have found out from the Sealmaster distributor here in Raleigh that there are 2 guys in the area who use oil based paint. One only does striping and the other seals and stripes. We have been around for 42 years and have had this happen in the past, maybe once every 10 years and now it has happened 3 times in 1 month.

I understand that it most likely isn’t our material, however if the lines peel up then I feel responsible for not catching it. If I put in my quotes that I am going to grind the lines and charge the customers for it, are they going to believe me and be willing to pay the extra money? Of course if they go with a competitor and the lines come up, I doubt they will go as far as we will and redo the entire lot.