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I called Potters. That’s the glass bead company.
It was their link I supplied earlier.
I did talk to someone about the coatings…but I got off the phone too quickly.
I was left with a few unanswered questions.
So…now it’s Saturday…and I’ll call again Monday.
That said…I have a truck parking lot to stripe and stencil…then a “Sports Barn”.
Anyhow….I may call them from my truck.
I’ll be in touch.
Last…I’m with you…how can another “coat” of something make that much of a difference.
Take a look at that first link I supplied. It does mention coatings. It mentions them as though different coatings would adhere to different binders. But it doesn’t go any further.
I’ll figure it out.
I’ll be in touch.
OK last…last…I may ask Paveman to put these last few posts into a new topic called Thermo. Maybe then someone else can pitch in.
I’ll be back.
OK…I’m back already. I went to http://www.pottersbeads.com There’s a section on info. I’ve read it. All it said was that their beads could be used on…blah…blah…all stuff. But nothing about “coated”. So…I sent in a question via their email. As soon as I hear…I’ll get back.
Thanks again.