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Hey Tomstripe
I think you may have a few things going on.
1) The dust = yes. What actually happens is this…the paint hits the ground and the dirt grabs it…then the dirt gets blown away from the force…carrying the paint with it. So…if you’re only getting “rough edges” at dusty points…I’d just keep going.
2) The pressure…I’ve been one to “UP” the pressure…or I hate to say this…maybe the paint is too thick…”reduce it”. I run anywhere from 1800 to 2200 PSI. I just striped (1) mile of a centerline over a milled off road = rough AND dirty…yes I know…the sweeper was supposed to do a good job…blahblah. I had 2250 PSI in a .019 tip…just so I could drive a little more quickly. A 21 would’ve been better. Let’s face it…they’re “Temp” lines.
Again…1800 to 2200 PSI.
3) The “Revving”. Wanna hear something? Mine did the same thing. I thought I was out of gas…but I knew better. I think what’s going on with mine is this…do you know that little sleeve inside the gas tank filler?…when it spins…you can still engage the cap and tighten it…but…now it cannot breathe…so…the gas supply cannot get to where it needs to go. So…? I loosen the cap and she starts “breathing” and the gas flows…and I stripe. So…while this may not be the source of your revving…the next time it “revs”…quickly loosen the gas cap…let me know if it does the trick.
Bottom line…
1) don’t worry about the dust. If you pull the trigger and the stripe hits the ground and then goes away in a split second…stripe it again.
2) Maybe…maybe add a cup of water to reduce the paint. Latex.
3) Put the pressure to about 1900 PSI.
4) Loosen the gas cap…what a drag…to see if the revving goes away almost immediately. Honda.
Keep in touch.