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Hello Tomstripe
I’ve used Latex hundreds of times. It’s a great paint…PPG makes a great paint…ICI makes a great paint too.
Acetone will take Toluene to clean. That should cost about 12.00 per gallon. That’s more than I pay for the paint. Then…I have to deal with the waste = the 2 – 4 gallons I’ve just used to clean the airless. I have a Titan and a Graco too. Again…I like the Latex. The only time I’ll go to Acetone or Alkyd is for the weather. These 2 will dry during inclimate weather more quickly…much more quickly than Latex. That’s it…Tomstripe…if I think it’ll dry before it freezes or rains…I’m going with Latex.
Now…a bud of mine uses Acetone…he hates it. It won’t stay mixed for more than a day. He sets the 5 gallon bucket upside down after a day…but then…it clumps. I also hear it eats the seals. I’m sure this is over time…but still. Also…Acetone is a Paint Remover. So…to me…Acetone Paint is an Oxymoron. My point…this same friend has 8 machines and 2 crews…switched to Acetone. Much debris. Many clogs. Here’s why. The Acetone in the Acetone Paint…reacted with the small deposits of old Alkyd and Latex paint inside his machines. It created flakes and then clogs. It was a pain for a few days…then mitigated. So…upon switching…clean as best you can. That said…let’s hear from the rest of our readers. I’m sure there’s a lot being sold…I’d love to know more.
Next…sharp edges have more to do with tips. Your Graco will do fine. Mine does. With Latex.
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