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Hey Raymond
To be honest…I don’t think it was Graco fault. I think the rep at SW got caught up in something. The machine is great. It does what it’s supposed to. And…to be fair…I just sold a brand new Titan…and it shipped to the customer with a blown tire…right from the factory. Things happen. That’s why I say…oh well. I’m sure Graco has good people…good products…SW has good people…good products…and so does Titan. I’ll tell you what…ICI has good paint and so does PPG. I wish I could get Maintenance Inc.’s paint. They’re a couple hours North of me. I’m not sure what it would take to be the distributor. Anyhow…I messed up a parking lot years ago…the Air Force was easy on me. So…like I say…things happen.
I got out of Thermo for a few reasons. There’s a crew here in town that’s large and good. I went after the “crumbs”. But…I kept getting calls to go “bigger”. I didn’t want to compete on that basis. I personally have other irons in the fire…I like working alone…though it has it set backs. So does running a crew. There’s a fine line between fighting to stay small…live off the “crumbs” that the big crews legitimately chuckle at…and making 60K easily…vs…finance via debt…employee…(2) trucks…shop…and all the sundry items that would inevitably go along with that choice. Raymond, I have a quiet, good living…striping. When my wife needs me…I can be there. I’ll get my work done. When the kids have a game…I’m there too. When they’re sick…I’m home. I’ll get my work done.
That said…your circumstances are probably just as varied and I’m sure they’re different. I’ll teach you. I’ll write about this in my next book. I also want to go to Las Vegas this December. There’s a good sized show that’ll have all the MFG’s. I’d like to see the Graco ThermoLazer. Who knows…
Anyhow…if I can help you in any way…let me know.