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we do hand machine work, ie intersections, parking lots. aswell as long line striping. i am having a hard time finding people in the business. i know of EZ liner, MRL, JCL, linetech, and a few others but i am quirous of the market down in the states. now we only work in Ontario, and we want to stay a canadian company. however i like to get to know some people that do ceterlining. i know it is a big business in the states! oh and in reguards to your 3900? i have a 3900 for 4 yrs now. and it’s funny you mentioned that, mine started doing that last week or so. maybe mother board? or switch? let me know what you find out? sometimes you have to flip it a few times on mine… need to find out, it’s starting to piss me off! ha ha ha ttyl.
so do you still do any thermo? or no? like i said, check out Advanced Striping Equipment on the web. they have the feather lites. mine is one of the biggest models. it comes with three dies, i believe… 4″ 8″ 12″ want to get rid of it, because i dont have any use for it this season. Never seen a day of light!