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Hey Raymond
Try JCL Equipment Co., Xenia OH. 1-800 765-4647…= 1 800 76 LINES.
He gets used trucks every once in a while.
By the way…the “C” in his name is Creswell. Way back…his family was the Striper kings. Now he does it. He builds large airless truck for all applications. Tell him Dan sent you and tell him to buy me something if you purchase! His site is http://www.jclequipment.com.
I just posted a reply on your other post. I’ll bet the all Hydraulic decision is a good one. Like I said…I have a Hydraulic Titan…just bought a Graco 3900M. I see the difference…but I’ll keep them both.
If I ever sell the Graco…it’ll only be because it’s mechanical. But…ask me in another year.
I like the Creswell unit because it’s too easy. Everything is on the outside…all small valves…etc. But…the biggest advantage is that it takes nothing to clean. Nothing. Now however with different paints = Acetone…I may swap the tank for a Stainless Steel. We’ll see. I like the line. I can always tell when someone has never used one. They say “rough edges”. I see what they see…but it’s a non issue. JCL makes them. If you visit…have him Demo. Let me know…I live 45 minutes away. I’d like to be there. I have 2 clients that give me work asking if I’ll use the Kelly. I just say yes. They think the Airless is a weak line. I see what they see…but…I’d probably fault the operator…for too small of a tip…or “running” while striping. Raymond, I have a Titan, Graco and JCL’s Conventional. There all good. Just trying to be fair.
See ya.