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At this point in time I don’t think there is any doubt that coal tar is the most durable of the materials mentioned. Coal tar coatings are more fuel resistant and oxidize less rapidly than AE coatings and asphalt type rejuvinators. Asphalt actually oxidizes pretty rapidly and since probably 60% or more of the coatings applied are applied to turn the pavement black again then the “graying” (oxidation) of the AE type coatings can be a problem.

As you stated, there are areas where CT sealer is not available. If you are in one of these areas then you must use AE sealer. From my personal observation not all AE coatings are equal. You must do your homework and fine the best sealer available for your use, whether it’s AE or CT coatings.

All manufacturs are constantly working to improve their coatings so it is just a matter of time before someone developes a durable long lasting fuel resistant asphalt sealer.