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Has anybody ever tried the Auto Layout on the Graco Line Lazer units? If you are doing a newly coated parking lot this new unit saves you TIME and MONEY.

Just imagine taking measurements with the striper, scrolling through a menu that you input your length and width of stall. and BINGO the unit calculates that number of stalls based on the its measurement. But what if the the calculation is not accurate or the number you desire. Maybe your using a blue print and it has a different number of stall count. On the screen of this unit you can increase or decrease the total and it will re-calculate the dimensions of the stall to accomodate your desired total. No more snapping lines, marking with chalk cans back pain, and everything else you have to endure to layout. Not only does this unit do regular layouts, it can calculate angled stalls, double line, curved stalls, and cycles. If your interested in learning more about this unit or would like a demonstration in your area reply to this post and I can make arrangements. Trust me this unit will increase your productivity ten fold!

Thanks for your time